is invited first to one party   on Saturday night at 7pm . . . and then another party . . .also on Saturday at 7pm.  Thinks ‘parties in (your local) never start on time.’ So he ties a long rope around his waist. Sends Son #1 to party #1: saying . “Tug on the rope when the party begins and I will come.”

At the same time, sends Son #2 to party #2 with the same instruction.

Suddenly feels the rope tugged by Son  #! (My hips jerk left!) He thinks “Great! I can go eat now!”

But then the rope is tugged by Son #2! (My hips jerk right) Oh-oh - party #2 is starting now too.

What to do?

Son #1 thinks ‘Why isn’t Anansi here?’(Tugs - hip left!)  Son #2 thinks, “Where’s Dad?”(Tugs - hips right!) Repeat two or three times, faster!!

Both sons tug at the same time!! (Anansi clutches waist and OWW!)  And that is why spiders, to this day, have very narrow waists!!


is a wonderful Chinese folktale about a poor hardworking farmer who goes on a quest to find the answer to  a very important question (How to become Rich and Happy? - wouldn’t everyone like the answer to that!)

But it’s a 15 minute story in my telling and I didn’t want to scare you off by including such a long story in the book!

You can watch me tell this story - definitely one of my top 5 all time favourite tales! - with delightful guzheng accompaniment provided by NI JIA WEI.

Storyboard examples