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The corona-virus protocols have naturally decimated my performance and work schedule so February and possibly March are going to be a wash-out.

So I’m focusing on my audio-book narration: I have just completed the funny Freddy the Eager Fundraiser by Swapnil Mishra, and begun the fascinating Raising Arcadia, the first in the Arcadia Greentree trilogy  by Simon Chesterman. Described as Harry Potter without the wand and Katniss Everdeen without a quiver, she’s an amazing 16 year old heroine - but this is high-end young adult fiction that will certainly appeal to adults also.  I expect to finish recording it by the end of the month and hopefully it will be available on Storytel in March.

Since you may not be able to catch me, I’m sharing two tales I’ve recorded - one below (The Strange Visitor. a comic Scottish tale of the supernatural) which I told online for the World Virtual Storytelling Guild on 6 Feb, and the other (Two Brothers) which I recorded for th Spin A Yarn project of A Story A Week, which commences on 9 February .

I am scheduled to be in Bangkok from 25 - 29th for the FOBISIA Drama Festival, where I’ll also get to perform with my long-time friend MARCO LULY, a commedia dell’arte actor from Rome, who is also at the festival.

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 I am delighted that both Singapore Repertory Theatre and Wild Rice continue to lead the way in their commitment to making their productions fully accessible via sign interpreted, close-captioned and audio-described performances.

I have been hired to audio describe the following shows with either Grace Lee-Khoo (GLK) or Seren Chen (SC) as my fellow describer. We work as a team as a matter of best practice, offering each other support and a critical ear as we hone our skilsl in describing more precisely and effectively.

Please note:

  • the time listed is for the commencement of the Touch Tour. This is an integral – and hugely popular – element in the AD experience.  Priority given to vision-impaired patrons and their companions.
  • the service is free and any patron is welcome to use it: simply bring your mobile and your ear-piece and the FOH staff will guide through installing the app to enable you to follow the Audio-description. (The app automatically blacks your screen so as not to disturb others during the performance!)

7 March



Singapore Repertory Theatre

7 May



Esplanade / Singapore Repertory Theatre

24 May



Wild Rice

 28 June


 HOTEL ( PARTS 1 and 2) (SC)

Wild Rice

Note: this acclaimed production runs for a total
of 4.5 hours (part 1: 2.5 hours; Part 2: 2 hours). There will be a break between the matinee
and evening performances

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