2019 Highlights:

Audio-description debut describing SRT’s Gretel and Hansel, for blind patrons; As You Like It (Lasalle - July); VSA Welcome To My World concert; and Emily of Emerald Hill (Wild Rice -Sept) and Peter Pan (Wild Rice)

Corporate storytelling: SUSS (fostering teamwork through story - interactive storygami for 650 staff at MBS); Maritime Port Authority (storytelling for middle-management) SIT: Teambonding for Diversity/Inclusion

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: monthly eco-themed storytelling (48 performances)

Gateway Theatre: monthly young family-themed storytelling

Words-go-Round (NAC): storytelling + sign interpreting with Gophi Nathan (hearing-impaired)

Fullerton Hotel: monthly, family-focused river-themed storytelling

Alliance Francaise Music Festival: bi-lingual storytelling with Alice Bianchi-Clark accompanied by Ni Jiawei (guzheng)

Audiobook recording for Storytel: The Reporter’s Notebook by Dennis Bloodworth; Crime Scene Asia; 18 Walls by Teo Xue Shen; The Brigadier’s Daughter by Paul Callan; plus contract to record 5 more in 2020;

SG Enable, sponsorship of extended disability themed storytelling programmes at the Enabling Village, with Story Connection

Delta Senior School: storytelling with puppets with intellectually impaired teenagers;

Singapore Writers Festival (Nov) storytelling/sign interpreting with Gophi Nathan (hearing-impaired)


Organised/participated in 2-day workshop by Louise Coigley on Storytelling for People with Special Communication Needs (autism)

2018 Highlights:

Federation of Asian Storytellers (FEAST) Co-founding Director,


National Parks, storytelling (48 sessions) and interactive drama (30) at Jacob Ballas Garden (till 2019)

The Unusual School story master-class for seven visually-impaired adults


Singapore Kindness Movement (storytelling training for kindergarten teachers)

National Library Board: storytelling training for 140 PCF pre-school teachers

National Library Board: (55 performances of story+music for preschools)

2017 Highlights:

Ministry of Education, Media Dept: workshop, Creating Compelling Story Videos

Institute Mental Health, workshop for Health Ambassadors (telling recovery stories)


National Gallery appoints Roger to conduct Stories Through Art programme for 2017/18

Founding Director, Story Carnival@Enabling Village (a celebration of Inclusion)

NLB: trainer for Kidsread volunteers programme (2017 – 2019)

NLB: 60 sessions in special needs schools – storytelling + craft

NLB storytelling in 40 pre-schools


2013   Best Storyteller, 16th Kanoon International Storytelling Festival, (Iran)

1995  Singapore Literature Prize: From the Belly of the Carp (poetry anthology)

1990  Friend of the Deaf (award by Singapore Association of the Deaf)

Positions held :

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