The Creative Tailor

A lively participation story about creativity, recycling - and the power of storytelling

Key characteristics of these stories are a high degree of repetition, chorusing

The Bear Hunt

A classic journey story which offers huge opportunities for participation - as well as creating your own versions

Vegetable Stew

A plug for healthy eating, as well as accepting others despite outward appearances, teamwork (everyone has their unique strengths).

Stone Soup

Another food story reminding us of the power of sharing


Red Riding Hood variation with a wolf outwitted by a quick-thinking singer

Owen & Mzee (true story)

A story of survival and adoption after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami

Stories for the Very Young Story Quote

What is carved
on rocks will
disappear in time.
What is told from mouth to mouth
will live forever.
Vietnam, Cathy Spagnoli

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