Poems for Kids

I have recorded a selection of some of my own verse written for kids. These are poems that I enjoy reading and performing and I hope they might tempt you to try reading them aloud yourself!

Bukit Tinggi Bus Ride Blues

13 ways of playing with . . . an Umbrella

Inspired by Jacques Prevert (and a drama game fostering improvisation, in which players use an object in many different ways.)

I should like to


How does the gecko simply disappear when there are no visible cracks to scurry into?

Balinese Dance

A celebration of the grace and fluidity of Balinese dancers

Lonesome George

Lonesome George was the very last of his kind, an Abingdon Saddleback tortoise. He lived in the Galapagos. When he died in 2012, there were no more Abingdon Saddlebacks to be found anywhere in our world, and all you can do now is look at the photos of their massively magnificent shells.

Mr Gumpy's Rap

Inspired by Mr Gumpy’s Outing
by John Burningham

David and Goliath Rap

A re-telling of the Biblical story with plenty of contemporary references!

Adventures of Isabel by Ogden Nash

Obviously not by me!

Poems for Everyone Else

Some of my favourite poems , either for the content, or the form, or the fact they come to life when they leap off the page and onto the tongue and into the ear.

Poems of Solitary Delight Tachibana Akemi

A great model for students to write tankas

Empty Space - Lao Tzu

The importance of what’s in between

Cloths of Heaven
- William Butler Yeats

My favourite poem as a love-struck man

Lake Isle of Innisfree
- William Butler Yeats

My father’s favourite

The Night Singapore Changed Forever -
Roger Jenkins

If people thought this were true, POFMA would be invoked immediately! Goh Chok Tong dancing in public?!

Three Little Maids
- Roger Jenkins

Gilbert & Sullivan adapted for satirical purposes in relation to our population of over 200,000 maids in singapore

Paddy Stole The Rope

A comic tale told in a traditional folksong

Richard Cory
- Edward Arlington Robinson

He seemed to have it all

Different Timetables
- Tien Ch'ien,

From Arthur Waley’s classic 170 Chinese Poems

Listen to my CHORAL VERSE

Including The Highwaymen by Alfred Noyes and my own OH NO NOAH which takes a climate change perspective to the flood

Roger reads poems including some of my own too!