NAC--AEP approved programmes

I am proud to be one of the first artists who was admitted to the ENHANCED AEP.   As I have consistently delivered quality arts ed programmes since the very beginning of the NAC’s AEP initiative in the mid 1990’s, I have earned NAC ‘s trust with regard to both the quality of both the content and delivery of my programmes.

The benefit of being in the Enhanced Programme is that I am able to submit proposals for a new programme specially tailored to your objectives at any time,,without having to wait for the bi-annual approval process.

Best of all, approval is virtually automatic and very prompt, so you can be assured the programme will be eligible for the AEP  50% subsidy.


School shows

Programme:   Timeless Tales

This assembly programme will be customised to suit your request in terms of

Popular themes are

FEE : $500   NAC-AEP Tote Board eligible

NAC Arts Education Programmes approved

It's hard
to hate
once you know their story.

Story Quote

It is the duty
of the present to convey

the voices of the past

to the ears of the future.

(a Norwegian saying)

My strengths as a storyteller

I am light-hearted, frequently interactive, very visual - either through by incorporating slides, gestures or sign language. I am able to pitch the style of telling to suit the age of my audience.

As a former English/drama teacher, I am aware of how to use a story as an effective teaching strategy.

At international festivals, organisers often ask me to open or close a performance, as they are confident I will grab and hold their audience, providing a strong ending (that warms the audience up) or a  closing with a memorable take-away.

Thanks to my theatre background, I am confident when performing for large audiences in excess of 300 - I have on three occasions successfully delivered an interactive story to corporate audiences of more than 600 pax (for A-STAR, SUSS and Gardens by the Bay).