- Pat Hutchings.  

Rosie the hen has no idea what’s going on behind her (the fox is in pursuit but never quite catches her!


A classic bedtime story!


- Peggy Rathmann.

 The zoo-keeper has no idea what’s going on behind him (just like Rosie the hen!)

And the Gorilla isn’t scary but a friendly, mischievous character!

GO TO SLEEP GECKO retold by Margaret Read MacDonald.  By comparison, here’s my version told as part of the World Water Day / World Storytelling Day celebration in 2011.

For a very famous person indeed reading this book to a very lively group of young children, (not me!) do check out the KidsRead 10th Anniversary celebration!!

THE LION AND THE MOUSE retold by Jerry Pinkney.

This is a wonderful WORDLESS BOOK and I spend some time at the start talking about how to use such a book with a child - how you can get kids to supply the text.

Other great wordless books in the KidsRead catalogue:  Chalk, The Window, Flood.


retold by Heather Forest.  

I’m a fan of her books , especially WISDOM TALES and WONDER TALES.  

This story has many variants and is often called The Crowded House - as Fran Stallings does here on her CD, Travelling Tales Vol 1 (track 2)


retold by Heather Forest.

I enjoyed this, as Heather has a very different take on the story. Here’s an extract of me telling (not reading) the story in a park with the help of several young audience members and enthusiastic Mums&Dads (and the MP for Joo Chiat, Charles Chong!)

KidsREAD is a wonderful community/volunteer led programme of Singapore’s National Library Board for kids aged 4-8.

This is just a small selection of some of the videos my team and I recorded as demos for the volunteers who facilitate the programme.

To view the whole catalogue:

KidsREAD - 2 a great resource for wonderful books for 4-8 yr olds

Now it is a strange thing, but things that are good
to have and days
that are good to spend
are soon told about,
and not much to listen to;
while things
that are uncomfortable, palpitating,
and even gruesome,
may make a good tale, and take a deal
of telling anyway.

 J.R.R. Tolkien,
The Hobbit

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