Storytelling within Organisations

Stories help us to connect and to make sense of our world.

If you are considering taking over another company, you need to consult with your financial officer or business strategist. But once you have acquired the company, that’s when you really need a storyteller – in order to share your vision of what the future holds for those 100’s (or 1000’s!) of new employees, to help them understand (and more importantly) buy into your corporate values.

Stories make abstract concepts concrete and therefore more comprehensible and memorable. (Try explaining to a new colleague what your company’s mission statement actually means in practice, or what integrity means in your office. )

However, the challenge for those new to the idea of storytelling is

That is where you need a storyteller’s help.  Contact me!

Stories at Work

My clients (mostly with ROHEI

Great stories
are everywhere.

A good story teller is

simply a good observer.  

— Marshall Ramsey