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As I enter my third decade of telling in 2020, I am blessed to be able to share stories in a variety of educational, community and international spaces. I tell to many different kinds of audiences aged from 4 upwards in pre-schools to colleges, in libraries, at community events, gardens and parks, hospitals, private functions, and for corporate/organisational events/retreats.

I love sharing the skills of storytelling, enabling parents, decision-makers, front-line staff, librarians, health service professionals,volunteers teens and children to use stories more effectively in their personal or social role.

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About me a storyteller in more ways than one

Is storytelling really a job?

Yes! It’s something I love to do, people say I’m good at it, it pays well and best of all, it serves a useful purpose for each audience. So in terms of the Japanese concept of ikigai, of finding your purpose in life, storytelling is a great career for me.  A quick look at my schedule will probably give you a good idea of the variety of my work.

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