Updated 10 OCT 2020

Hi! I am a Singaporean storyteller – a member of the Merdeka generation (!),  I was born here to Welsh parents, grew up in Uk but returned in 1978 and have lived here ever since.          

A former drama teacher, I discovered storytelling in 1998 and started telling professionally soon after.

I founded the 398.2 Storytelling Festival in 2015  to showcase our local community of tellers, and through our work with Story Connection Ltd, which   
I co-direct with Jumaini  Ariff and Sheila Wee, have developed a story-based relationship with SG Enable, built around the annual Story Carnival@Enabling Village which celebrate diversity and the social model of disabilitiy.

Together with Sheila Wee and Jeeva Raghunath, I set up the Federation of Asian Storytellers (FEAST)  in 2018 to promote the art of oral tellers in Asia. I am actively involved in hosting its monthly webinar programme, as well as the publication of FEAST’s annual folktale anthology.

Access is an important issue for me and I am proud to be an active member of the Access Arts Hub.  I am also a trained Audio Describer providing the service for vision-impaired patrons who wish to attend live theatre, and through my work with my deaf story-partner, Gophi Nathan, celebrate the power and beauty of sign language.

I am also a popular audio-book narrator.  I have voice-over and audiobook gigs (services) available for booking on fiverr

Welcome to my world of story

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ON SALE NOW!  Not Just At Bedtime
- a 2 hour video for parents and anyone who wants to bond with their audience through storytelling.  

My Sonnet on WILLIAM SHAKEPEARE won the 6th Bhopal SHAKSPEARE FESTIVAL Bard on the  Podcast competiton on the 23rd April! Listen  or read

What’s New?

Sonnet ON MR WS by Roger Jenkins.mp3

HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES (online delivery)

2 practical writing programmes with playful, visual stimuli

Age group: P3 - P5

   23/24/25 November; 10am - 11,30am. $100

   30/11; 1+2 Dec 10am - 11,30am

    $115 Includes a set of Story Dice + p&p)

    for details and course outline email Roger

Watch/listen to me AUDIO DESCRIBE  The Pitch, a comic Singaporean film about the impact of covid on our local theatre scene with Ivan Heng, Adrian Pang and Gaurav Kripalani.

The Pitch is great I really like it. Roger’s tone and intonation is wonderful - I love hearing him read description and reading.” - Jody Holdback, Access2Arts audio description trainer (my teacher!).

Singapore Writer’s Festival 2020: Bi-lingual Storytelling

These pre-recorded sessions are available online throughout the festival in November