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How to remember a story?

Make yourself a simple storyboard - this page shows you how.

Tangram Tales

Why not have a go at making some tangrams to help you tell a story? This worksheet will get you started

Instead of Once Upon A Time

Try one of these suggestions for starting your story in a different way .

Bonus Workshop 17th February

We’re delighted that KIRAN SHAH, one of the longest-established tellers in Singapore and who has been an active supporter of the 398.2 Festival, has generously offered to conduct a one-off session for the benefit of tellers during her next return visit. (She is currently domiciled in Australia with her husband.)  

Details to follow shortly

The Story Line

The Story Line

is a monthly meeting for people who want to develop their skills as storytellers by sharing and listening to stories.  

We meet on the first Friday of every month at Marine Parade Library

We gather from 7pm onwards in the Programme Room (level 2) to socialise over tea/coffee courtesy of the NLB, and start the gathering at 7.30pm.

Come and join The Story Line, a place where storytellers, regardless of experience, can come together to share stories.   

Voice work

Exercises focusing on projection, clarity, expression & characterisation