Roll the story dice  for hours of creativity

Story Dice are a great way to stimulate your creativity and spontaneity! For kids they help to develop a sense  
of story structure, and they great opportunities for multi-generational interaction and bonding. They’re perfect, whether you want a quick, no fuss time-filler, or when you’ve got lots of time to kill (eg in airports, or long train journeys!) And they’re light and come in a lovely velvet pouch for easy transport in hand luggage!

Simply roll the dice and start making up a story that includes the 8 ingredients. You can find some suggestions for how to play the game here.  

Roll a story!

The Story Store!


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With designs by Javanese designer Budi Cahyono, what makes Story Connection’s set unique is the fact that we have colour-coded the dice to signify the four core elements of story structure. This will appeal to teachers and parents keen to help children understand that a story is built around

includes 8 dice, 1 pouch

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