Not Just at Bedtime!

If you think you can’t tell a story well, this encouraging video will show you how you can – and give you lots of ideas to help you enliven your telling!

Seven tracks (see contents) make for over 2 hours of HD720 video. I share lots of simple ways to make your voice more expressive and your telling more vivid and personal.  You’ll see and hear me demonstrate what I am talking about, making this a highly practical (and entertaining!) way of learning.  

If you think story-time is simply a bedtime activity, think again!  I show you how you can incorporate telling at mealtimes, in the kitchen, or when you’re going on holiday - and what kind of stories you might share, and why.  Of course along the way, I take the opportunity to weave in some stories too!

I’ve devoted a major section (track #6) to showing how you can engage your child as an active participant in your telling, with lots of easy to use techniques you can start using straightaway.


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