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UPDATED: 18 OCT  2016

Yes, the 398.2 Storytelling Festival is just around the corner!  

Between 3 Sept and 19 Nov,  
the Festival tellers are offering 13 FREE sessions to get you in the mood - catch one at a Public Library near you!

I’ll be on my bike* in October, travelling to perform at Festivals and conduct workshops in PENANG, CHENNAI, COIMBATTORE and KOLKATA! More

*not literally!

Listen to our 24 minute appearance on the Cultural Cafe, with the delightful Michelle Martin,, where Yvonne Inglin helps me tell the story of Filling The House.

Don’t confuse 938 Live radio

with the 398.2 Storytelling Festival!

great fun telling in Jurong Regional Library with Alice, Srividhya and Chitra