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Welcome to my world of stories!


July 27-29: I will be sharing stories with Barbora Schneiderová in Prague

July 30/31: I am sapping tales with Csenge Zalka in Budapest



was faaaantastic!  I got to see some wonderful tellers in action from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as the totally endearing Kim Seung-ah from South Korea.  

We performed at the nation’s Cultural Centre (both indoors and under the glorious tree fronting it!) We entertained kids in kindergarten, from primary schools, and in two excellent high schools (Consolato and Alliance Girls)

You can’t tell a story in Africa without having at least one drummer in attendance, and every story seems to have a song and a dance itching and twitching inside it waiting to break out in a joyous and thoroughly infectious moment of participation! I’m honoured to have been given a new storytelling cap by one of Zamaleo’s super drummers!  I also was given a wooden spoon - definitely a handmade product of Kenya (thanks Agnes!) - which I will always use from now on whenever I need to stir up a tale of Stone Soup - my version in kenya featured susuma wiki (aka spinach!) and nyama choma (roast meat!)

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with Kenyan teller

Onyango Owino